Providing expediting services is the primary goal of Global American Expediting a division of Global American Trading. Global American Expediting is a multi-disciplined expediting, procurement and logistical service dedicated to implementing processes that will enhance expediting services on purchase orders/sub-contracts and procurement transactions. We provide a controlled procurement/purchasing process that will expedite and accomplish expedited deliveries and coordinate sub-contractor schedules with positive procurement results.

Our basic management philosophy is to provide professional expediting with a complete array of professional services at a competitive price and, of course, improve the bottom line.

Expediting has and always will be a vital link in the material supply process for all businesses. With our expertise and foresight for problems, and proven expediting processes, we can and will ensure timely material deliveries and sub-contractor schedules. The services we provide will reduce costly delays by offering a coordinated communication process that will discover problems and facilitate positive results.

With our experienced expeditors, we have comprehensive knowledge of the procurement process including but not limited to expediting, traffic and logistics. While these are processes that get the project completed, we also offer a wealth of experience in enforcing Terms and Conditions that the supplier/sub-contractor must comply with in order to accomplish the final goal.

Our primary office is located in Port Arthur, Texas with satellite offices in Houston and Lake Charles, Louisiana, we can expedite materials on the domestic and international market.